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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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lisa: belgium manhunt. the search is on for one of the suspects in the brussels attacks. the latest on the investigation and the other suspects involved. mark: another snag near the combs hehl bridge. what happened overnight and the other recent problems in this stretch. lisa: voters coming out for western tuesday. the victories for the candidates and what it means for the race. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a live look to belgium with the city and lies. lit up in the colors of the belgian flag after the deadly attacks. we will have the latest on the situation overseas coming up. good morning, i' m lisa cooney.
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m mark hayes. moore under headlines and traffic just a moment. but first, let' s check the forecast with ready rico. starting off just great. randi: mid-50' s, upper 50' s in the morning, bring it on. yesterday we had gusty winds. at times in the 30 to 40 mile-per-hour range. today will be windy, but i don' t think we talk about white as strong as yesterday. temperature wise this morning, looking pretty nice. 51 degrees in wilmington and 51 in hillsboro as some of the coldest spots on our map. 54 at cvg. as we take a look at the forecast through the day, we will warm things up nicely. the high this afternoon expected round 67 degrees. the low tonight, 55. that puts us well more than 10 degrees above average for this time of year. a nice afternoon. they will be a little windy at times. the trade-off is a nice southerly wind. chapters close to 70 later on today.
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at noon, sunny, windy and 60. it stays within warmth of the afternoon, 67 for the high. you will notice more cloud stored the evening. that is the time -- sign of change coming tomorrow in the form of showers and thunderstorms. first, let' s check the roads. kyla: still really great on this wednesday, pretty clear conditions if you' re heading outside. over the next hour or so, we will see the have your commissions. 71 at montgomery road, kicking up southbound through kenwood, but nothing out of the ordinary waiting for you. 74 at colerain and big men, same thing. across the river, 71-75, 1 of our typical heavier spots, northbound will continue to pick up and we will see separate lives. right now, still rolling along. we will keep you updated. lisa: thank you. new this morning, more trouble on 275 by the river. mark: police were called to another serious crash overnight. this time it was on the kentucky side right by the combs hehl
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s the latest issue along this stretch of interstate in the last eight days. andrew setters is live near the bridge with a look at the problems in this area. andrew, good morning. andrew: good morning. this accident sent a car through the guardrail and down an embankment here on the kentucky side of the river. this coming less than 24 hours after a crash shut down to 75% flowers yesterday morning. -- shut down 75 for several hours yesterday morning. the car went through the guardrail and down the embankment. i have the hiccups. i apologize. two people were in the car. it is not there how serious their injuries are. then you have the accident that happened last sunday going other accident near the comb hehl bridge proved deadly. a rear-end wreck on 275 east near kellog killed scott petredis. cory lipmeier is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after police suspected he was
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impaired during that crash. then another accident, this one the enduring mystery to the comb hehl bridge, and we may have to wait even longer to get answers about the crash that sent a car off the combs hehl bridge last tuesday. the car is still sitting at the bottom of the river as the currents are too high and conditions too dangerous to try to recover the vehicle and confirm who is inside. investigators believe they know who was driving, but haven' t released that person' s name. as for the overnight crash the car is still off the road and down the embankment. it is on the kentucky side near the comb hehl. i apologize again for the hiccups. it may be a while before they recover the vehicle. mark: thank you. turning now to the latest on the terror attacks in brussels that targeted the subway system and brussels airport. lisa: this morning the search continues for a possible terror suspect in the deadly bombings. isis is claiming responsibility
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least 34 dead and more than 200 wounded. authorities believe the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers and officials believe one of the bombers got away after his explosives failed. this is surveillance footage from the brussels airport showing the alleged bombers. the two suicide bombers have been identified as khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. right now the search is on for the suspect wearing a hat. >> our police services and our investigation services are very, very professional people. but we are also convinced that also the terrorist of isis are professionals too, and well trained and well formed. so it is a difficult battle against them but i' m convinced , that we will win. lisa: a cab driver told police he picked up three men and dropped them off at the airport. he was able to lead police to the house where explosive materials were found. s an kentucky still unaccounted for in the
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not talked with her niece or her niece' s husband. the couple was at the airport about the same time as the blast. step initials -- stephanie shulz is originally from lexington and now she lives in brussels with her husband justin. they were dropping stephanie' s mom off at the airport to return to the u.s. the family tells us the mother is ok. mark: a local woman studying in brussels was inside the airport at the time of the blasts and scrambled to find a bathroom for shelter. >> some people thought that the outside. some people said they thought it was a machine that exploded. mark: alison is a notre dame academy grad, and is now studying for her masters at a university in brussels she had just gotten off a flight from switzerland when the attacks happened. after some time, alison made her way outside the airport, and was able to see the damage. >> and so i think then, that affected me the most, knowing that there were direct victims from that terrorist attack and
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one of them. mark: alison says she is studying international migration to help people from different cultures integrate peacefully, and prevent tragedies like this. we' re staying on top of the attacks on air, online and on , your phone. and when you' re not by your t.v. you can keep up with the new developments on lisa: commitment 2016 is, governor john kasich goes winless in the latest round of contents. your the results from tuesday. donald trump took arizona, ted cruz renner way with a vote in utah, both states were winner takes all when it comes to delegates. her trump, 58 delegates will step for cruz, 40. here' s how it looks for the democrats. there were three contests on tuesday and looking like senator bernie sanders will earn two wins, taking idaho and a commanding lead in utah where the votes are still being counted.
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>> it is exciting to see the results come in because arizona, like washington, like a lot of the states that are going to be expressing their views and counting their votes in the weeks ahead. >> when we began this campaign, we talked about the need for millions of people to become involved in the political process. tonight in utah , tonight in idaho, and tonight in arizona, there are record-breaking turnouts in terms of voting. lisa: the democrats have another three contests coming up on saturday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be battling for state. through publicans will have to wait until april 5 for the wisconsin primary. mark: why somerset -- was some
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and his reacttion to the attacks in brussels. lisa: and an audit in the police department. mark: we are starting off nice and mild at 54 degrees. randi: a good bit of sunshine early and eventually some a more wind, but not as strong as yesterday. these temperatures really on the night side, 56 degrees. 55 in mount caramel. 55 and fort mitchell. for the drive to work or school this morning, plan on temperatures on the mild side, maybe a light jacket or just a sweatshirt. lunchtime, sunny and 60. big changes coming tomorrow. we will talk about the storms coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: if you have a puppy at home, this may be the morning for an extra treat. it is national puppy day and we are taking a look at griffey taking a much needed nap. griffey really gets the runaround from his owner we are told.
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mark: good morning and welcome back. we take a live look outside at our citycam, a mild start to the day. let' s check out the morning commute is shaping up. kyla woods is here with a look at the roads. kyla: we have had a good start. we had a minor incident very early this morning, but that is out of the way. we' re some construction projects popping up. but he will be a nice day. they will have some decent weather to get some of those projects started today. 471, no lanes closed, u.s27 heading northbound through parts of northern kentucky this morning. one to take a closer look at that stretch an hour speeds
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henning and down for the daniel carter beard bridge, still -- heading inbound toward the daniel carter beard bridge, so crystal clear on the bridge. northbound or southbound and hopping in a cincinnati and all of those arteries heading into cincinnati looking good and open for you as well. not really any activity. just starting to get heavy northbound on 471. we will keep you updated. lisa: checking today' s headlines, the fight over supreme court. the supreme court is expected to hear arguments in a case involving whether or not the healthcare law violates the religious freedom restoration act, forcing religious non-profits to act against their religious beliefs. nfl commissioner roger goddell mark:nfl commissioner roger goddell is scheduled to speak this morning as the owners meetings conclude in florida. to discuss major issues in the league and to vote on a number of rule changes.
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19 proposed rule changes and is it is expected the new england patriots' request to have their first-round draft picks returned following last year' s deflate-gate controversy. physical and internal audit and the police department found more than half of the overtime was not properly approved. that figure jumped to more than 90% and the chiefs office and community liaison unit. officers working overtime when they were -- had paid time off. the city is recommending the department re-evaluate the entire process, train time-keepers, and get a new database. mark: the american flag is like half-staff at the white house to show solidarity with belgium. the stars and stripes were honored -- lower to honor those lives lost. isis has claimed responsibility for explosions that rocked a brussels airport and train station. president obama has ordered all american flags to be flown at half staff through saturday out of respect for the victims in
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president obama made that order during his visit to cuba. lisa: he vowed to fight terrorism while not changing his plans and that is not sitting well with samples that a major sticking point, the president wrapped up the day. he joined raul castro for a baseball game featuring keep his national team in the tip of a raise. the president said he never thought of not going and said he was not going to let terrorism disrupt his schedule. ohio governor john kasich was one of the voices criticizing the president' s decision. >> we have a major international terror situation, and i think to be not in the country rallying support behind our friends in europe is a mistake. and in addition to that, to make sure that we develop the worldwide intelligence capability that can allow us to be able to seek out who these people are. lisa: the president is also
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>> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we are looking at a war but somewhat windy wednesday. starting out with very mild senators, a few clouds around at the moment. i think we see little sunshine early on and then turn cloudy through the afternoon. stepping out to temperatures in the 50' s is not a bad way to start the day. 57 in hamilton. that looks to be the warmest spot along with carrollton, kentucky. 54 mason to loveland. by 5:00 this afternoon, most of us are looking at the mid and upper 60' s. 67, 68 degrees heading home from work this evening. notice the wind, so does -- wind wise, similar to yesterday but without the special gusts. a lot of kids on spring break leading up to easter weekend.
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out today, maybe hit the zoo where they' re doing the guerrilla easter egg hunt, at noon, 60. three :00, windy, warmer, 66. at 6:00 a few more clouds, 64. not a bad day to get outside. tomorrow, make indoor plants because it is going to be raining off and on through the day. futurecast shows clouds thickeing up through the evening. overnight, mid-50' s. tomorrow morning, just after sunrise or right around sunrise, the rain will be moving in our direction. pockets of heavy rain potentially a first and maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder early. you' re better threat comes later in the day. we will see 130 in of the morning rush and then maybe a break. whether or not our second round of storms but afternoon and evening a stronger, kind of depends on how long that break is. if you get it long enough time between rounds, there is the potential as we head into the
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and damaging win. more rapidfire with those rain showers, then the chances for severe weather go down. as you can see for the evening commute, this particular model is showing the potential for a more intense band through the evening on thursday. that line will move out by about 8:00. sunrise to sunset rain issue. colder air by friday. for tomorrow, severe weather threat is considered marginal. if we do see it is stronger strums the second half of the day tomorrow, hail and damaging winds will be the primary threat. today, 67 degrees, increasing clouds, still on the breezy side will stop tonight, 55, cloudy and mild, rain arriving around dawn tomorrow. you will see it off and on through the day. a one-day cooldown for friday. and 61, so above
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early s and almost to 70 in the afternoon. lisa: some difficult beloved sportscaster. what doctors are telling this popular nba reporter. mark: honoring our heroes. the 75th airmen. kyla: looking at fort washington way, eastbound and westbound we' re having a great morning we will check again after the
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go paperless, don't stress, girl that you need safe driver accident-free
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physical welcome back. 6:20 2, 54 degrees. a really nice start. check mortar forecast just ahead. -- we will check your forecast just ahead. kyla: a beautiful shot. as you can see on both sides of the river near the suspension bridge. we' re off to a great start traffic-wise. you will see some construction here along 71 both northbound and southbound because of some bridge work. do plan for this. it starts around 8:00 at night with a single enclosure in the double enclosure in the doubling closure going into effect about 11:00. it will lift around 7:00 in the morning. we will see that for the rest of this week.
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great start if you' re heading outside right now. mark: tough news in the sports world this morning. nba sideline reporter craig sager is battling cancer once again, and this time he is not expected survive. sager returned to his gig with tnt about five months ago wearing one of his signature suits. he had just finished chemotherapy for leukemia, but now doctors say it is no longer in remission. sager recently spoke with hbo' s "real sports." he revealed doctors have given him a prognosis of three-to-six months to live. sager also said he plans to fight until the end. lisa: a special honor for the tuskegee airmen at the kentucky statehouse. the airmen were the first african-american pilots to fly for the military, and they were first formed 75 years ago. on tuesday, one of the legendary airmen was honored in frankfort. 89-year-old frank weaver was given a resolution thanking the world war ii air corps. >> believe it or not, we didn' t think anything of it.
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well, and come on back home. but we didn' t think about being black or nothing. lisa: there are other events planned to celebrate the tuskegee airmen this year. mark: an unmanned spacecraft took off from cape canaveral late last night, bound for the international space station. the rocket is loaded with supplies for the station, but it will not be returning to earth. instead, the spacecraft will be deliberately set on fire. nasa wants to see what happens when a large-scale fire erupts in a zero-gravity environment. lisa: a really mild start. randi here with details. i hope the winds will be dying down because yesterday at times, it was windy. randi: sustained at 10 to 20 miles per hour, so it is going to be windy, but i think we can cut out the crazy got -- gusts
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right now in lebanon, 53 degrees, about six mile-per-hour wind. at the radisson in covington, 55. the winds are breezy, but they will pick up 10 to 20 miles per hour at times through the afternoon. if you want to get out today and maybe cut the lawn for the first time this season, 10:00 in the morning, pretty mild, 55. 2:00, 64. 6:00 this evening, 54. whether it is yard work, heading to the park were just going for a walk, should be a decent day so long as you do not mind the winds. tomorrow, off and on stormy weather, a round in the morning for the morning rush and another for the evening drive. that will cool a staffer friday with a high of only 48. lisa: breaking news, belgian authorities have made an arrest. the suspect in custody connected to the brussels attacks and the new information on the suicide bombers. andrew: another crash near the combs hehl bridge. coming up, i'
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the problems crews are facing as
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s next on wlwt news 5 today. mark: an intense manhunt leads to an arrest. , the suspect in custody after the terror attacks in brussels. another crash near the combs lisa:another crash near the combs hehl bridge on 275 overnight. what we know about the victims
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mark: winners projected this morning for tuesday' s western contests. the latest on the race for the white house this morning. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, a live look outside, a much warmer and milder start on your wednesday. it feels good. good morning, mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. anything going on with the roads? kyla: a minor accident and we will touch on that in a moment. randi: yesterday, crazy winds. other than that, i really nice day. temperatures normally this time of year around 56 degrees. today, we have that need to fight -- beat by at least 10. 67, 68 this afternoon. i would i would not be surprised if some are pushing 70. it will feel like spring.
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conditions. 10 to 20 mile-per-hour winds through the day. right now, 54 officially at cvg. most places low and mid-50' s. a couple of spots on the warmer side already. carrollton, kentucky, 57. the breakdown today, i would expect to see clear skies early. through the afternoon, slowly watching clouds increase at of tomorrow' s rain. the planner today, 8:00, mild morning, low 50' s. at noon, sunny, breezy, 60. windy, warm through the afternoon, 67 for the high. what weather tomorrow. we will take look at that timeline in a couple of minutes. calico still a good start, even though we have an accident at 71-75 at the 275 interchange south down from 71-75 and merging onto to 75. you can see the traffic is able to get past by on that ramp and
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any of those me travel lanes. they could slow down because we are seeing heavier traffic. if that lingers over the next 15 to 20 minutes, we could see some backup. right now looks like things are still moving along at a pretty decent pace. 71 at martin luther king looks good northbound and southbound. no construction to tie you up because that is one we typically see closures because of the addition of the mlk it or change. not sing at this week. 75 at the ronald reagan, picking up northbound and southbound. we will keep you updated check again on the accident in a few minutes. mark: thank you. new this morning yet another , crash near the combs hehl bridge on 275. lisa: this comes after a series of crashes over the last 8 days within a mile of the bridge. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live this morning in northern kentucky with more on the latest crash. vicinity of the combs hehl bridge seem to never end lately. eight days, four crashes and two
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this one early this morning sent two people to the hospital. their car was headed west on 275 on the kentucky side of the river when it smashed through a guardrail and rolled down an embankment. two people were inside and both were taken to the hospital. the car still hasn' t been recovered because it' s in a tricky spot down the hill. it may be later today before crews can recover that. a crash on sunday along 275 proved deadly. cory lippmeier is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after his car rear-ended another on the interstate. scott petredius was killed after his car was hit. police believe lippmeier was impaired and speeding at the time of the crash. then there is the crash that happened last week. it could be several more days before crews are able to get into the ohio river and recover the car that was thrown off the river currents are too strong. that accident happened in a string of chain reaction wrecks along the bridge last tuesday. police believe they know who the driver of that car is come although, they have not released that person'
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kind of traffic for about three hours when a trailer tipped over, spilled its load on the highway, causing big headaches for drivers in the area yesterday morning that shut down the interstate for three hours. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: we' re learning more about the suspects in the brussels attacks this morning. 34 people were killed and dozens more injured in back-to-back blasts. lisa: 24-year-old man has been arrested. he is pictured on the far right wearing the hat and light-colored coat. authorities say he briefly got away after he failed to detonate explosives at the brussels airport. police have named two other suspects, brothers khalid and ibrahim bakraoui . authorities carried out raids across the country to find more evidence and u.s. officials pledge to help with the investigation.
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watching the news out of brussels closely. they are desperate to hear from this young couple. they were at the brussels airport around the time of tuesday' s attack. family members of stephanie and justin schulz have not been heard from since they dropped off stephanie' s mother at the brussels airport tuesday morning. according to family members, the mother is ok, but they cannot reach her daughter stephanie or son-in-law justin. stephanie went to high school and college in lexington. the couple moved to belgium in 2014. >> at all they can really do is go from hospital to hospital looking at the list of people that have been identified as injured. we do know they are not on the casualty list yet or they' re not on the casualty list as of this lisa: the family says point. communication continues to be sporadic, and they hope to hear one way or another very soon. mark: we' re learning more than 20 university of cincinnati students were not harmed while
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the group of students are just 30 miles away from the terrorist attacks. bri tyler is one of those business students. she just left the trip early and arrived in cincinnati on saturday. 19 students and two faculty members were supposed to visit parliament and the p&g office in brussels on but the visit was tuesday, canceled. the group looked for a hotel further away. >> i was happy that i' m home, but i was ready about my friends that were still over there and i immediately wanted to get in contact with them and make sure they were ok. >> they were shut down and evacuated. kind of nervous, not showing why it was evacuated. we didn' t know if it was just an extra security caution. mark: right now there are no plans for the students to cut the trip short. we will stay on top of the attacks online and on the air and of course on your phone. you can keep up the latest
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lisa: commitment 2016 news, hillary clinton brings in another projected victory in arizona last night. there' s a total of 85 delegates up for grabs in arizona and with democrats awarding delegates proportionally, clinton is expected to earn more than 40. meanwhile in utah, bernie sanders was able to win the caucus there. he is also a name the winner in idaho' s caucus this morning. arizona briggs a large hall of delegates on the republican side. donald trump will take all 58 of them. ted cruz and john kasich get nothing. senator cruz is projected to win the caucus in utah, getting all 40 delegates. the devastating terror attacks in belgium put national security at the forefront of tuesday' s primaries and caucuses. each of the remaining candidates took swipes at their opponents while offering tough talk on terrorism. >> we need to move aggressively against isis, both in the air and on the ground, and to destroy them and continue to
6:38 am
kind of radical islamic activity. collects they don' t work with in-laws. they have no laws. we work within laws. the waterboarding would be fine. and if they could expand the laws, i would a lot more than waterboarding. >> i will apologize to nobody with how big or so will be as president, fighting radical islamic terrorists. lisa: republican voters will not go to the polls again until april 5, while democrats caucus in alaska, hawaii, and washington on saturday. mark: if you hear sirens later today, no worries. it is the ohio statewide tornado drill. we continue severe weather s topic is tornadoes. >> we want to get that tornado warning out as fast as possible to alert people that there he is an imminent threat. with tornado warnings, minutes and sometimes seconds can count. mark: today 5:00,
6:39 am
to the hamilton county emergency operators about how they' re prepared for severe weather in our area. let' s check in with radio see what is coming our way today. mark: no dramatics today? correct? randi: that is correct. none of that and our area today. tomorrow, we do have some risk for severe storms. we will focus on today' s warmer, windy weather. starting out with mild temperatures in the 50' s. as warm as 57 in hamilton. a nice start to the day. the winds are already picking up. you can see wind speeds across our area right now about 10 to 15 miles per hour. this afternoon, expected to be closer to 15 to 20 miles per hour so a breezy day for everybody. it is not bad temperature-wise. you can step outside with a sweatshirt or light jacket this morning and that is good enough. temperatures in the low 50' s as the kids had to the bus stop
6:40 am
on the way home from school, wendy, warmer, 66. i would expect to see a good bit of sunshine in the early afternoon. for dinner time clouds will be rolling in at of tomorrow' s thunderstorm threat. we will talk more about the timing and a couple of minutes. first, a check on the roads. calico nice weather -- calico nice weather for the kickoff of the big project at a major intersection in the anderson township area. what will happen, they will widen some of the turn lanes from beech mont at the five mile and in the opposite direction as well. you also have a more clearly marked industry and crossing and that intersection as well. all improvements but they will come at the price of some construction that we will deal with for the next few months or so. we will keep you updated. another quick check of the accident, 71-75 headed toward the 275 interchange.
6:41 am
the accident causing some delays if you' re headed in that direction. we will keep an eye on that but we are seeing a bit of a backup on the ramp and will let you know what' s the accident has cleared. mark: getting to work at union terminal. the new information on the massive renovation for the local landmark. lisa: ready to start cooking. the exciting news today for local food entrepreneurs. mark: taking a live look outside, 6:41, 54 degrees.
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re waking up w go multiple reports saying a 24-year-old man has been arrested, pictured here on the far right wearing a hat and a light jacket. authorities say he managed to get away after he fell to detonate his explosives at the brussels airport. lisa: here at home, a tribute to belgium and lies. a sign lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. the city of cincinnati also tweeted out a message, "we stand with brussels." the hard-hats are about to come out at union terminal. last night, project leaders talked about the renovation plans and they said bids are coming in for the construction project. it' s expected to cost nearly a quarter billion dollars. they hope to get started this summer and finish by the fall of 2018. side museums the omnimax, and , part of the lobby will be shut
6:45 am
mark: happening today, it' s time to start cooking in the findlay kitchen. this was a multi-million dollar project designed to provide opportunities for local food entrepreneurs. an old rust-proofing garage was transformed to create a shared-use kitchen space in the findlay market district. now the 8000-square foot facility has five kitchens that can be rented by the hour. there is a grand opening celebration starting at 10:00 this morning. the american diabetes association is bringing awareness to the many americans who are at risk for type two diabetes and may not even know it. lisa: they held an alert day earlier this week, and kyla woods joins us with more on this effort to make us all a little more aware. the ada says it' s a wake up call, and all it takes is a minute of your time. 29 million people are living with diabetes in the u.s., and one in three american adults has prediabetes which can be , reversed with a little exercise and change in diet. the american diabetes
6:46 am
find out their risk level, and need. test on their website, one minute. very few number of questions. and then, actually send that out to all your family, your friends, your colleagues and encourage them to take the exam as well. calico some of the factors that diabetes include weight, ethnicity, and age. again, you can find that test at lisa: the zoos newest animals have a new circuit parents. have you heard about this? there helping the cheetah cubs born prematurely jim to go because their mother passed away last weekend. so a dog named blakely is stepping in to nurse the five cubs. the zoo says she will provide cuddling and a body to climb on for the babies. blakely has also nannied for several other zoo babies.
6:47 am
, western lowland gorillas will get an early start on easter egg hunting. zookeepers will hide colored eggs and other treats around the gorilla enclosure. this has become a tradition at the zoo over the last 25 years. the hunt for eggs begins at 11:00 this morning. mark: the great parks of hamilton county hosting an event today to get your input. the 12 listening sessions will be held throughout march and april, and residents are encouraged to come out and share their thoughts, ideas, and any questions about the park district. the public listening sessions will be held from 6:00 to at the 8:30 glen carter lodge in delhi township. lisa: also today, mayor john cranley is getting involved with the excitement surrounding cincinnati' s new soccer club fc cincinnati. the mayor is introducing the queen city cup challenge later today. the queen city cup will be the prize in a friendly wager between charlotte, north carolina and cincinnati. charlotte is also known as the queen city and it is home to the charlotte independence.
6:48 am
face charlotte on april 9 and may 21. what are they going to put in that cup? mark: i' m not sure, but our queen is better than your queen. randi: and our barbecue sauce is better than yours. any vessel that is cup shaped with any of our delicious treats will be a good thing. we are expecting another windy and warm day. yesterday, wind gusts at 30 to 40 miles per hour. today, sustained winds at 10 to 20. tomorrow, couple of rounds through the day. looking ahead to easter weekend, great weather as we are heading out to church or easter a kind. as we look at the radar, this won' t be sunny all day like yesterday. i think we see clouds passing through from time to time. you have to look over toward the walkie to see any rain today. russ, rain will be rolling and
6:49 am
highs today, upper 60' s across our region. should be close to 70. louisville to lexington, mild tomorrow to start the day, but a cold front rolling in and it will trigger thunderstorms. for tomorrow, this is your severe weather threat map, our area in the green indicating a marginal threat for severe weather. we will have showers and thunder and some lightning but whether or not those get strong enough to trigger severe thunderstorm warning is in the air. it depends on if we get any apps in the early afternoon where the sun comes out again. something we' re watching for tomorrow. right now, 54 degrees, wind out of the south at nine most powerful stuff your planner today shows by lunchtime, sunny, breezy, 60. this afternoon, upper 60' s, windy, warm, and clouds thickening up for the evening. teacher castle show toward sunset tonight, turning -- showing toward sunset tonight, dipping down toward mid-50' s. tomorrow morning, the arrival
6:50 am
between 7:00 to 9:00. maybe a little thunder and lightning early. i think are better shot is in the secondary round tomorrow afternoon when the cold front rolls through. you can see intense downpours potentially gusty wind capable of producing damage or hail. all a possibility with that cold front. poised to move through cincinnati around or just before the evening rush. by 7:00 to 8:00, that will be gone. tomorrow, plan on the potential for storms off and onto the day but should be gone by sunset. today, 67, increasing clouds on the breezy side. tonight, 55. cloudy and mild. justin often on what day with thunderstorms in the mix. friday, on the cooler side. the weekend looks great. saturday, low 60' s. easter sunday, 67 with the rain holding off until the nighttime.
6:51 am
our travel times are looking great. the accident we were checking on 71-75 at 275 is out of the way so you are clear on the ramp. 14 minutes on 275 from the east gate area to 71. 22 minutes, so picking up as farce travel times, along the stretch from the split in the downtown on 71-75. 17 minutes out of butler county. heavier traffic , pretty moderate northbound and southbound on 75 at had out. lisa: we continue to follow breaking news after belgian authorities make arrests. mark: the new information on the suicide bomber' s. lisa: another day, another problem near the comb hehl bridge. stay with us, your top stories
6:52 am
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uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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worked a welcome back. checking the top 5 stories of the morning police called to , another serious crash overnight near the combs hehl bridge it' s the latest issue along this stretch of interstate
6:55 am
into: this bridge has proven to be dangerous over the past eight days with four major reqs, the most recent happening overnight. we will walk you through all of the chain of accidents. early this morning, a car went off the bridge on the approach to the combs hehl bridge. it was headed westbound, went over the rail on the kentucky side and went down an embankment. to be poor inside and both were taken to the hospital. -- two people were inside and both were taken to the hospital. no word on why the driver lost control. this is the most recent accident. a deadly crash last sunday near the bridge and an accident more than a week ago that sent a car off of the comb hehl bridge into the ohio river. we' re still waiting for river conditions to improve so crews can go after the vehicle. yesterday morning, a trailer flipped spilling its load and , shutting down the interstate for 3 hours. very serious stretch of accidents here over the last
6:56 am
lisa: breaking news connected to the terror attacks in brussels. multiple reports say a 24-year-old man has been arrested. he is pictured here on the far right with the hat and white jacket. authorities say he managed to get away after he failed to detonate his explosives at the brussels airport. we are learning the two suicide bomber' s have been identified as khalid and ibrahim bakraoui. mark: fears in kentucky centering on a young couple still unaccounted for in the aftermath. the lexington woman says she has not spoken to her knees or her niece -- niece or her husband. stephanie and justin scholz. the were reportedly dropping off stuffed his mom at the airport to return to the u.s.. the family tells us the mother is ok.
6:57 am
tuesday for the republicans, donald trump dominated in the arizona primary. senator ted cruz took utah for the democrats. there were three contests tuesday. looking like bernie sanders will win utah. hillary clinton took goes on a. mark: a restaurant out of commission for a few days. a cigarette was thrown into the mulch bed in front of the building, sparking a fire overnight. lisa: the wind probably helped that fire burn. randi: as we look at the forecast, headed to the mid-60' s, upper 60' s for most of us. warm and windy, 10 to 20 mile per hour win. class increasing at of tomorrow' s showers and thunderstorms that will be with us off and on. easter weekend, no problems.
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking news. reports this morning the man in white seen at the brussels airport with those two suicide bombers has just been arrested. he's believed to be a bomb maker with ties to the paris massacre. his capture coming after a massive man hunt, including raids throughout the city. today, wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," terror in brussels, with matt lauer in brussels, belgium, and savannah guthrie,


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